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  • Zhen Dian Er Ma
    Another statue of Mazu located in the Main Hall is called Zhen Dian Er Ma. It was once the Zhen Dian Ma. Unlike the current Zhen Dian Ma, Zhen Dian Er Ma has a soft body and was built during the reconstruction in the Ching Dynasty by Lian, Lai of Chuan Zhou Xi Lai Yuan. During the reconstruction in the 30’s, Another Zhen Dian Ma was constructed to better suit the new Main Hall and the soft body Zhen Dian Ma was renamed as Zhen Dian Er Ma.
  • Mei Zhou Kai Ji Er Ma
    1928, when Lo, Jun-Lan wrote a preface for the reconstruction of Lugang Mazu Temple, he mentioned that Mei Zhou Kai Ji Er Ma was brought to Lugang by Lan, Li and a monk from Mei Zhou and later moved to Lugang Mazu Temple after it was built.

    Mei Zhou Kai Ji Er Ma holds an ornament in her hand which is symbolic for good luck and is known as the Chuan Zhou style. The owner of Lugang Long Shan Jewelry reconstructed it with gold, but is still modest and humble. Due to excessive smoke from large crowds of worshippers who offer incense, Mei Zhou Kai Ji Er Ma’s face turned dark and is also known as “Hei Mian Ma (Dark face Mazu).”
  • Jin Xiang Ma
    At the end of the Ching Dynasty, a group of Mazu worshippers and the statue of Mazu went to China to pilgrimage, the statue they brought along was almost detained. Therefore, before another pilgrimage was taken in 1922, the president of Lugang Mazu Temple asked Lian, Yong-Chua, a carver from Chuan Zhou to counterfeit the statue of Kai Ji Er Ma and brought the counterfeit to China. This statue was named Jin Xiang Ma. Jin Xiang Ma is usually set in the shrine in the Main Hall. Only when Mei Zhou Mazu is set in the shrine in the Main Hall, Jin Xiang Ma would then temporarily be in another room.
  • Gu Da Ma
    A drought hit Xia Shi Er Zhuang in 1831. The villagers entreated Mazu to take a trip to their villages and protect their crops. The Mazu they entreated was called “Gu Da Ma.” Because her main duty was to protect the local crops, she is also known as “Hao Shou Ma.” Her statue had been invited to the twelve villages to pilgrimage until 1995 when the villagers made a request to change to Jin Xiang Ma.
  • Jin Mazu
    Starting 2002, Lugang Mazu Temple made a statue of Mazu with more than 150 kilograms of gold donated by Mazu’s pilgrims throughout the years. Diamonds, emeralds, pearls and red rubies are also used to decorate the statue. In addition to the gold statue of Mazu, a pair of angels was also made to serve Mazu.
  • Zhen Dian Ma
    The statue of Zhen Dian Ma is the biggest of all in the Main Hall’s shrine. It was sculpted with sand during the renovation in 1936. According to Shih, Zhi-Hui, son of the sculptor, his father, Shih, Li mentioned to him that the statue of Mazu and the statues of Buddha in the Main Hall of Da Tian Hou Temple in Tai Nan are originated from the same school of thought.
    On both sides of the Main Hall are two pairs of statues of Buddha—one with eyes that can see thousands of kilometers called “Qian Li Yan” and the other with ears that can hear sounds thousand of kilometers away called “Shun Fong Er”.
    One pair is located in front of the shrine and the other pair is at the arches of the Main Hall. According to Lee, Pei-Xian, these statues were carved by Lian, Yong-Chuan who was from Quan Zhou. Qian Li Yan holds a halberd in its hand and Shun Fong Er has an axe. Shun Fong Er’s ruthless looking is believed of capable to drive away the devils. The statues were repainted in the 60’s. According to Shih, Zh-Hui, a local statue of Buddha carver, Qian Li Yan and Shun Fong Er at Lugang Mazu Temple are masterpieces.